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Military Transition

Military Transition to federal jobs and private sector jobs is one of our specialties. We translate your military achievements, convert military jargon to civilian terms and generate a quality federal resume or professional resume to help you get started on your second career. We call the "civilian" resume a Military Transition Resume (MTR) and of course, federal jobs require a federal resume in one of several formats. You may have federal or other government hiring preference based on military service. Go to USAJOBS.gov to validate your preference points and contact us for help with your federal resume or military transition resume today. We suggest you get started anywhere from three to six months prior to discharge from the service.

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Federal Resume Overview

The federal resume is unique and has several different variations. The most popular version is the USAJobs resume which has unique formatting and requirements, much different than a typical professional resume. Other government agencies use their own formats (such as AVUE, CIA and Quickhire) but they are slowly migrating to the USAJobs format. In fact the Navy CHART system recently cut over to USAJobs as did Army CPOL. Many people find the government position applications difficult to understand and needlessly complicated. It takes patience and it helps to have a background in working with these applications and in creating your federal resume.

Federal Resume Tip

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about working with a federal resume is to thoroughly read the requirements and understand the application process. If you don't meet the core requirements (or don't establish qualification in your resume) or if leave out any part of the required documents, you'll automatically be disqualified.

Expert Resume WritingThe Federal Government is hiring and we expertly prepare federal resumes for government jobs using our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality development process.

Our team of federal resume writers are sought after by everyone from college graduates seeking entry into the federal government to seasoned leaders pursuing Senior Executive Service (SES - the highest level of government employees).

Send us your resume and desired job and receive a

Our resumes earn interviews! See what our clients have to say.
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Celebrating 26 years providing the following resume services:
  • New Formats for Military Resumes with FREE Cover Letters
  • Demilitarized Military Language to Civilian Terminology
  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
  • Federal Resumes for USAJobs, AVUE, Quickhire and more
  • USAJobs Resume with CPGs Headline Format
  • KSAs in the Federal Resume
  • Online Assessments and Quality Ranking Factors
  • Specialized Experience Statements
  • New Federal Cover Letters
  • SES Applications by the leading SES Writing Team
  • All New "Signature 5-Page SES Resume"
  • ECQ Statements that Pass OPM


Military Resume:

Military Generals, Admirals, Colonels, Captains, and other high ranking officers, as well as Chief Warrant Officers through privates, airmen and seamen seek the service of our Master Military Resume Writers to develop hard-hitting and demilitarized military resumes for transition to private sector or federal government jobs.

Senior Executive Service Five-Page Format.

Some agencies are requiring a new, five-page format with embedded ECQ and TQ information. We're on top of it.
Read more >>>

Federal Applications:

Civilians from the private sector require our federal resume writing help to develop federal job applications for all 223 federal agencies. Our expert Career Coaches can assist you with finding the right agency, general series and grade that best matches your experience, skills and education. This process alone can save you months of confusion and can expedite your federal job search.

There are thousands of open positions for all civil service career fields, including Department of Homeland Security, TSA Security, the Department of Energy, US Marshall Service, Secret Service, Border Patrol, FBI, CIA, Department of Transportation and more. The positions are located throughout the United States and worldwide. Typically, a requirement for a Federal job is a unique federal resume, different from the civilian version. The Federal Resume - whether it is an OF-612 replacement, or a Resumix format, contains more information than the civilian form. Federal Resume

Federal job
announcements may require additional statements. These statements are known as KSA - Knowledge, Skills, and Ability statements. If they are asked for, they are required. Typically, they are 3/4 to 1-1/2 page answers to questions related to the job you are applying for - and each KSA will be graded from 5 to 20 points per answer. They can be daunting questions to answer. We offer our expertise in writing these KSA statements, highlighting your experience to ensure maximum KSA ranking as part of your federal resume application. Read About KSAs

Senior Executive Service positions require specialized formats and detailed Executive Core Qualifications or ECQ statements and they must be extremely well composed in order to be accepted. We are experts in the processes required. Read About SES and ECQ

Advantages to Hiring our Writers:

With over two decades of specialized expertise and proven success as federal resume and military transition writing experts why not hire the best writing team in the industry? As authors of the Certified Military Resume Writing credential we have raised the bar industry-wide so our veterans receive the best resume products possible. Our resume writers have successfully completed over 50,000 resumes and hold a 99.6% satisfaction rate. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best personalized service available to achieve maximum results in this highly competitive employment environment. As the only career services organization to achieve an IS0 9001:2008 certified quality process we know what works and remain change-agents and visionaries in the careers industry. We are standing by and ready to assist you in this most important endeavor.

We thank you for your military and civil service and invite you to call us for a free consultation at (800) 471-9201. See what our clients have to say. Click Here

"My number one recommendation to those leaving the military is to hire a resume writing service; if you are seeking federal employment it is absolutely necessary. Even if you are being recruited by a headhunter, there will come a day when you need to have a solid resume. Preparing it soon after leaving the service will makes it more accurate, more detailed, and more descriptive. Service members are not used to having to ask for a job – there is an art to it."

-Barbara Lubkin

"I called CareerPro Global after looking on the internet for help with an SES package. I was in a time crunch, did not know where to start, and I did not feel I had any of the expertise to be considered for the position but thought I should talk to someone before I decided not to apply. Upon my initial contact I was immediately put at ease. They showed me I not only qualified, that I was a strong contender for the position. They assured me right up front they would do all the work and all I would have to do is answer their questions, provide the background information and RELAX.

True to their word my resume and technical skills were done in an amazing amount of time. The greatest surprise to me was the answers to the ECQs were EXACTLY how I would have answered the questions if I had the time to sit down and write them myself. It is because of their skill, caring and encouragement I made it to the board and was interviewed for the SES. Without them I would never have applied. "

Carol Susan Kisthardt, NCIS

Call us at (800) 471-9201 today for federal resume help and to start the next step in your career.

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